Longford: Deirdre Leavy

New-Picture-80x150Deirdre Leavy
Certified SHEN Therapy Therapist,
Certified SHEN Instructor and Mentor
Mbr: The International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA)

Clinic location: Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford
Cell: 087 960 7626

I came to SHEN Therapy from a background in massage therapy, aromatherapy and reflexology. I looked into SHEN therapy when the limitations of solely focusing on the physical body become apparent in my own personal empowerment journey and in my work.  SHEN Therapy treatments helped me regain my strength on the many times when I experienced work burnout as well as helping me deal with stress. Having SHEN Treatments for myself I experienced a profound change not only on the emotional level but also on the mental and spiritual level as well.

My main interest is in sharing this wonderful therapy by bringing it to people so that they may enjoy inner emotional freedom and empowerment. I can honestly say that I have witnessed incredible changes to the lives of others as a result of them having SHEN Therapy treatments. I have experienced the power and effectiveness of SHEN in helping people overcome personal limitations, gain true master-ship of their own lives and release a powerful healing energy.

I am available for private treatments and short retreats.   I give group workshops and training’s, retreats and introductory courses in SHEN Therapy in various locations.

Qualifications: Mindfulness IICP accredited . Attended all Hallows.    SHEN Training and Workshop Centre of Ireland and office of inquiry for Retreats and Personal SHEN sessions.   FETAC Community and Health Services Certificate.   First Aid reviewed 2017, Train the Trainer, Qualified Aromatherapist.

You can email me at: Deirdre.leavy@outlook.com