C. Glas: Shona Neil

Shona Neil for webShona Neil
Certified SHEN Therapist
Mbr: The International SHEN Therapy Association

Tel: 44 779 922 3019

A chance meeting with a SHEN therapist in 2009 introduced me to SHEN Therapy and its benefits.
In 2010 when suffering from increasingly severe and prolonged migraine headaches I had a course of SHEN which helped me enormously – not only with the migraine but also with other associated issues, issues which ’till then I had viewed as remote and in the background!
Having benefited so much from SHEN, I decided to train as a SHEN Therapist in order to offer others the opportunity to benefit as I had.
SHEN is an effective path to the roots of many painful emotions, finally enabling their release.
I offer sessions in Glasgow from April to November.

You can call me at 44 779 922 3019
or email at shenshona1@gmail.com