Auck: Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith N web 20-6-15 2Barbara Smith
Certified SHEN® Therapist
Mbr: The International SHEN Therapy Association

Registered Psychotherapist MNZAP
Takapuna, Auckland

Tel: 021 848495


I came to SHEN® suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a consequence of my son’s Traumatic Brain Injury. SHEN® resolved my PTSD, anxiety and grief and enabled me to adjust to my son’s  condition. Amazingly SHEN® also resolved painful emotional residue from my past, that I didn’t realise I was still holding in my body. I now understand that the unconscius lives in our bodies.  I now have an emotional equilibrium and inner peace that allows me a spontaneous response to life’s challenges. Now my emotions come and go as naturally as our experience of happiness does.
My successful career as a psychotherapist is enhanced by SHEN®. I was fortunate to be trained by SHEN’s founder, Richard Pavek. I invited Richard to bring SHEN® training to New Zealand, which he successfully did. I completed my training in Ireland.
My clients now have access to effective relief from emotional suffering in a brief therapy form. I have effectively treated panic attacks, migraines, jealousy, aggression, anxiety, grief, fear, PTSD, eating disorders and somatic pain, as well as other emotional disturbances.

I will be pleased to discuss this very effective therapy further with you.

SHEN Hands symmbe~100 x 58You can call me at: 021 848495
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