A Few Testimonials

SHEN Hands symmbe~100 x 58“Thank you again for the incredible experience on the table during our long weekend together.  I’m truly a changed man for it but I’m sure you’re used to hearing that.  I feel considerably more stable and continue to feel more emotional connections in my life even in the simple things. My Kath center continues to rumble .  . . “
A SHEN Client

SHEN Hands symmbe~100 x 58“I came to SHEN® suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a consequence of my son’s Traumatic Brain Injury. SHEN resolved my PTSD, anxiety and grief and enabled me to adjust to my son’s condition. Amazingly SHEN also resolved painful emotional residue from my past, that I didn’t realise I was still holding in my body.
I now realise that the unconscious lives in our bodies.
I now have an emotional equilibrium and inner peace that allows a spontaneous response to life’s challenges. My emotions now come and go as naturally as our
experience of happiness does.
My clients now have access to effective relief from emotional suffering in a brief therapy form. I have effectively treated panic attacks, migraines, jealousy, aggression, anxiety, grief, fear, PTSD, eating disorders and somatic pain, as well as other emotional disturbances.”

A Certified SHEN Therapist

SHEN Hands symmbe~100 x 58

“When I turned forty I realized that I was in constant never-ending pain. I had almost no self-esteem, laughed but couldn’t feel joy, didn’t know what love felt like, and told jokes to avoid what I was feeling inside.
I knew I couldn’t go on like that. Like many others I traveled a long path through one therapy after another with some improvement, but never healing that constant core of inner pain.
Not until SHEN. It has been some time now and that deep core of pain is finally gone. My life goes up and down like everyone else’s, but now it’s like singing
upstairs in the choir instead of singing down in the
church basement, behind the furnace.”
A Much Happier Man