Russ Fox

Russell Fox, CST, CSI
Certified SHEN Therapist
Certified SHEN Instructor

SHEN Wellness Center of Sedona Arizona
(928) 821-5721

Russ first discovered Richard Pavek’s ‘Handbook of SHEN’ in 1989 in Los Angeles after twenty years of practicing Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and Polarity Therapy. While recognizing the profound connection between a person’s emotions and their physical and psychological health, SHEN Therapy’s scientific foundation in basic Western physics also answered many of Russ’ lingering questions regarding his previous therapeutic approaches. 

Now, thirty years later, Russ lives and works in Sedona, Arizona, where he runs the SHEN Wellness Center of Sedona. While also a life-long professional musician, Russ works with private SHEN clients, teaches SHEN Personal Empowerment Workshops, writes SHEN-related articles, and continues as SHEN’s longest-serving Certified SHEN Instructor.

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