What a session is like

During a SHEN session you recline, fully clothed, on a special SHEN ‘cradle.’ As your practitioner places his or her hands on different areas of your body, you may feel tingles or other sensations as you relax into a meditative-like state. You may re-experience forgotten painful pivotal events from earlier in your life, but probably not in the first session. You will likely feel the emotions of these events as they surface and leave, but in a way you can easily handle.
There will be little talking and no ‘dialog.’

SHEN is a gentle approach. Unlike some methods, SHEN does not shock you into recall so the pain of discovery is far easier to handle. And, because the Qi flows between your practitioner’s hands continue drawing out emotion, the remaining emotion is lessening all the time.

Don’t worry about the emotions that might come up as we work together; all practitioners have had extensive SHEN themselves and will be comfortable with any
emotional material that may emerge.