Guernsey: Joanne Henton

Joanne Henton
Certified SHEN Therapist
Mbr: International SHEN Therapy Association
St. Peter Port, Guernsey
07911 766 838

My first sighting of SHEN Therapy was when I was looking through a nutrition and health magazine in the hairdresser!  One of those very simple but lucky moments that you can wonder how on earth it happened!  Tony Bailey had written a double page spread on SHEN in the magazine.
I  was immediately drawn to the article and the therapy.  Also my interest was piqued as the man who developed SHEN, Richard Pavek, is a physicist and as I had studied physics 25 years previously when I was up at Oxford University, I thought it must have a good basis (although I think instinctively I was drawn very strongly anyhow).
What I read totally made sense and I had never seen emotions explained like that.   There it explained that emotions are held in the body much like a physical pain, creating a contraction in the biomagnetic field around and inside our body, (ACPR), and that these patterns not only get stored and stuck but can build up causing complex emotional patterns which get triggered or just repeat, also upsetting the organs of the body.   To me it made sense as I was familiar with my own body feeling the emotional oain in my body.
As soon as I started to receive SHEN with Tony, I was stunned as to how it worked and I benefitted so much moving on from periods of depression, social anxiety and self esteem issues.  It took some time but the results have been solid and lasting, a genuine strengthening and healing of my emotional self.  As I write this I can really say I am past those things.
When I first speak to a new person coming in for SHEN Therapy, I listen to what they would like to change – in which ways they would like to become more empowered, in which ways emotions or their body trouble them.  Sometimes this is due to relationships, including those with parents, sometimes it can be trauma they have suffered and are still effected by today.  This can be decades on in time. People say that I am genuine, make them feel very safe and that they feel respected.   The process is gentle and safely lifts painful emotions to the surface and out without re-traumatizing the person.   The body then is in a new place to carry on healing and moving forward.  That is the empowering part.

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