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Helena fro webHelena Legg
Certified SHEN Therapist
Certified SHEN Instructor
Mbr: The International SHEN Therapy Association
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Tel: 01296 420 661 (Evenings & weekends only)
Mobile: 07783 108 299

My background is in Health Visiting. I have been working in the National Health Service for over 40 years and am currently working as a Team Lead for Health Visiting in Buckinghamshire.
My journey into Complementary Therapy began in the early 80’s when I was introduced to yoga by my colleague who is a Sivananda trained Yoga Teacher.  I was suffering from severe Migraine and Depression. Within months of practising yoga my migraine and depression improved. My yoga journey took me through the route of Complementary Therapy.  Since my first training in Holistic Massage, I have never looked back.

How SHEN came into my life. 
I was introduced to SHEN Therapy by a colleague who invited  me to have a taster session.  I remembered being quite cynical about it, however my curiosity got the better of me and I agreed to try out a couple of session.  After the first session, I thought it felt quite nice and relaxing.  The second session was a little more uncomfortable with a tightness below my heart area.  Although I did not experience any ‘release’ of emotions, I felt a deep sense of healing which I could not explain. So I decided to enroll for the workshop.
The opportunity of such intensive sessions over the 4 days in a nurturing environment felt very empowering.  I learned for the first time that I have the choice to not hold all these emotional pains and to allow release to happen through the sessions. Following the SHEN B Workshops which was a further 4 days, I decided to take up internship to become a SHEN Therapist.
It was not until I started my SHEN Therapy training in 1995 that I had the insight into reasons for my migraine and depression.  This insight was experienced during a pivotal session at the heart centre, which released over 18 years of held unexpressed grief of the loss of my father in 1974.
I now understand why my chest pain over the years had no medical cause, it was linked to the grief held in my heart centre.  Since this pivotal session, I have not had any chest pain.
I have since lost my mother, 3 sisters and one brother, which although there was a lot of sadness, my heart was open to allow the grieving process. I felt heavy hearted, but no chest pain.
I qualified as Certified SHEN Therapist 18 months later in 1997.

My Work:
I currently see my clients at the Belmore Centre, primarily for SHEN and Yoga Therapy and am looking to develop this further.

You can call me at: 07783 108 299
or email me at [email protected]