W. Mids: Russ Lewins

Russ Lewinsnew2
Certified SHEN Therapist
Mbr: The International SHEN Therapy Association
Telephone: 07886 560 161
  Moseley, Birmingham B13 8LA

My interest in SHEN arose from the seven years I spent living and teaching at a meditation retreat centre is North Wales. In meditation, I started to see the way the body braces itself against emotional pain, and how this tensing over years becomes engrained in the body, trapping often highly charged emotions and memories with it.  Through receiving SHEN, I found a surprisingly direct way to safely and holistically relax this armouring of deeply held tension, and start to feel through and release the limiting emotional baggage I was carrying around. The positive impact that receiving SHEN has had on my own quality of life continues to motivate me to share the power of the therapy with others.

I offer both weekly SHEN sessions and more intensive packages. My main treatment room is in south Birmingham, but I am also mobile across the UK.
Before starting a SHEN series of treatments, I establish what you wish to receive SHEN for. I will then carefully devise a treatment plan to help you gain the most from SHEN therapy.
SHEN facilitates the body’s own innate capacity to heal itself, in an organic and wholesome way.  Whilst the touch is gentle, safe and non-intrusive – the effects of SHEN are often powerful and transformative. Over the years I have developed skills to provide a safe, nurturing environment of trust – which together with the SHEN techniques – allows the body to profoundly relax, let go of deeply held tension and free the emotional pain to surface and dissolve.
In addition to offering SHEN Therapy, I am trained in Focusing and teach Buddhist meditation on a freelance basis.

website:  www.shentherapy.co.uk

Phone me at: 07886 560 161
or email me at [email protected]