Auck: Saranya Amanda Tarrant

SaranyaSaranya Amanda Tarrant
Certified SHEN Therapist
Certified SHEN Instructor & Mentor
Mbr: The International SHEN Therapy Association

Tel: 09 575 5107
Mobile: 027 656 6995

I had worked as a counsellor and trainer for a number of years but wanting something deeper for myself and to offer others, I decided to become a SHEN Therapist. I had experienced SHEN after a serious sailing injury in 1992 when I fractured my spine. The sessions helped release my chronic pain and the emotional issues that occurred at the time of my accident and helped in the healing of the injury. This brought about a profound change not only on the emotional and physical level, but also on the mental and spiritual levels. Now SHEN is one way I help others in their growth and development.

Call me to discuss SHEN or to arrange a session. SHEN sessions and SHEN Intensives can be set up in a timetable to suit your needs. I provide a safe place in which you can resolve your physical and emotional pain and improve your life.
SHEN® is a profoundly effective therapy for alleviating stress and clearing blocked emotion, experienced through a series of deeply supported and carefully tailored 1-hour sessions.

Saranya Amanda Tarrant has been working as a SHEN Therapist since 1995 in Scotland and New Zealand, currently in Auckland, where she also teaches Bright Path Meditation. See

Call me at: 09 575 5107 or 027 656 6995
or email me at [email protected]

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