SHEN for Children

Separation anxiety, persistent nightmares, loss of appetite,
loss of a pet, stressed out parents, anger, abandonment issues, disempowerment, fear of failure, peer abuse, loss of parent, over controlling parents, bullying, lack of friends, self hatred, anxiety, parental divorce &discord, alienation.
Children have a full set of their own problems. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Children are too often the dumping grounds for their parents worry and trauma.

The biggest difference between adults and children is that adults, having been forced to develop emotional armor and taught how to ‘put on a good face’, hide their trauma better. Children show it in the way they stand, kick their feet and torment their siblings as soon as adults are out of view.
Often they are forced to stand and watch the trauma of an emotionally abusive marriage as their world crumbles. They develop childhood eating disorders,  childhood anxiety and depression are common, as are night terrors in children.

Fortunately, children respond rapidly to SHEN Therapy

Since a child’s armoring hasn’t hardened as an adult’s ha,s the child’s response to SHEN is usually quite rapid. problems faster than it can with similar adult emotional  disorders. Often only one or two sessions will produce striking results.
Case Example: Seven year old boy, living with mother after parents separated was morose, uncommunicative, denied being angry and was not eating well. Began having asthma-like symptoms.
Was given one SHEN session primarily at the Heart and Stomach. Following the session he asked, “Did you feel those bubbles buzzing at my heart? They left.” Then, after a pause, “I’m not mad at anybody anymore.”
He required no further treatment as his appetite returned as did his normal behavior.


Is there anything nicer to see than a happy, smiling child?

Talk to a SHEN Practitioner, you’ll be glad you did!