The Emotionally Rooted Disorders

Bodily Disorders are conditions, or
Syndromes, where impacted emotions upset your
normal bodily functions, usually causing
excessive and unnecessary pain

A great many disorders without apparent medical cause that plague us are rooted in emotional incidents of the past. These are frequently referred to as Syndromes,
Somatic Complaints
or Somatic Symptom Disorders.


Migraine Headaches

SHEN most likely can help if: Your migraines always start on the same day, or time of day, such as the first day off from your job or just before going on vacation.
Or you began having them shortly after grief started such as your Ex moved to another city, taking your children away from you. Or similar events that caused you heart pain.

 Case Example: A woman’s Migraines always started on a Wednesday and lasted 4 to 5 days. She suffered from them all her adult life. During a SHEN session (on a Wednesday) she remembered – for the first time – that some years earlier she had watched, frozen, unable to move, as her toddler son fell into a swimming pool. She said, “He would have drowned if my uncle hadn’t jumped in to save him.”
She didn’t develop a Migraine that day and reported none during the six months following the SHEN session, after which we lost track.

Premenstrual Distress Syndrome
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Ever wonder why a normal bodily process causes so much pain when other normal processes don’t?

SHEN can most likely help if: Your cramping and emotional flare-ups are worse when you’re stressed.
Or if you never had them until after a debasing or other emotional event – such as getting married, or moving to a strange new country, or being bullied at school or at work – occurred. Or times when you’re feeling especially inadequate.

Pilot Study: Some years ago we conducted a small study on 26 women whose menstrual complaints were serious enough to interfere with their daily lives.
All had SHEN during one of the first two days of symptoms on two successive months, all had some emotional memory occur.
Six months later 24 of the 26 reported a marked decrease in symptoms, what had been a serious problem was now merely a nuisance.

Case Example: A woman who had been coming for SHEN to relieve the pain of multiple fractures suffered during an auto accident sent me a lovely card saying,
“I didn’t tell you, but I was starting my period the last time I came for SHEN. After I left I felt so good about myself that I went shopping and bought myself a new suit – instead of staying at home feeling sick.”

Panic Attacks and Nightmares cloudsare always rooted in old emotional trauma.

Panic Attacks may occur at night in the form of terrifying dreams or in the daytime as frightening, heart pounding bouts of terror. 
There is rarely an obvious link to the former incidents that held such fright and terror but you can be sure that they exist.

Case Example: A SHEN client reported having had increasingly terrifying nightmares for several years and that she recently had begun having full blown panic attacks while driving. It was necessary to pull over to a parking spot and wait several minutes for the attack to subside. No memory ever surfaced. She had been to several specialists but none were able to find a cause.
During her fourth SHEN session she became agitated. When it was over she sat up and said, “I remembered something I had forgotten.
When I was 13 years old I masturbated the night before I was to be confirmed into the Catholic Church and had not gone to confession first.”
Even though she had split from the Catholic Church many years before her attacks began, the childhood hellfire and damnation worries she experienced then had remained, hidden, deep inside.

That was the last of her Panic Attacks and Nightmares.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Spastic Colon.
SHEN is most likely to help if:

If they occur when you’re facing an important task and feel inadequate. Or you’re about to have a meeting with your boss. Or you become severely stressed just prior to the attacks.

Case Example: Woman complained of lower back pain and indigestion. Reported having bowel trouble her entire life. Feels guilty about her husband’s death. (Three years prior). Feels guilty about not caring about her mother (whom she was actually caring for). Angry about feeling guilty. Regularly taking prescribed laxatives.
Her first SHEN treatment induced gut rumblings and flatulence which provoked profuse mortification and apologies. Waves of anger and sadness followed treatment. Following second treatment her bowel loosened to near diarrhea.
After two days she halted the laxatives and her bowel resumed normal function, for first time in years. Further treatments produced no further rumblings or flatulence. Back pain abated during the first treatment, ended after the second and did not return. Normal Bowel function continued.
At Last Contact: (2 months) reported no further back or bowel complaints. Also reports being more assertive and less guilty. Has separated further from her mother. No longer taking laxatives.